The mission of Smart Love Family Services is to help children, adolescents, parents,
couples and adults achieve greater inner well-being, sustain closer relationships, and
reach their full potentials in life. Our services are based on Smart Love principles
and includes counseling, parent coaching, and parent education classes. We also
provide training and consultation to agencies, schools and organizations, helping
their childcare personnel positively influence children’s social and emotional outcomes.


Inside everyone is an essential desire to create and live a life of fulfillment, happiness,
and caring. Smart Love Family Services recognizes this basic human desire and helps
people achieve it.

The approach of Smart Love Family Services is informed by a proven, research-based
theory, Intrapsychic Humanism, which was developed by two highly respected experts
in the field, Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D. and William J. Pieper, M.D. It has been
successfully applied by trained professionals in a broad range of settings.

The most important discovery of Intrapsychic Humanism is that everyone is born with
a desire to be happy, and with the capacity to achieve a stable, pleasurable inner well-
being. Out of this inner well-being, children, adolescents, and adults are able to make
constructive and healthy self-caretaking choices, enjoy a productive, fulfilling work
or school life, and sustain close, pleasurable relationships with loved ones and peers.

Prior to this approach, the prevailing view of human nature has been that unhappiness
and inner conflict is inevitable and that people need to learn to live with and accept
it. This misguided view also assumes that people, including children, cannot regulate,
or be in charge of, their moods and feelings, or their day to day choices and decisions.

Intrapsychic Humanism offers people a far more optimistic and attainable reality.
Inner Humanism is the application of these ideas to caring for individuals in counseling
and psychotherapy and Smart Love is the application of these discoveries to parenting
and caregiving. All of our clinicians and staff use Inner Humanism and Smart Love to
help the individuals who come to Smart Love Family Services.

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