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Our goal in child therapy is to strengthen children’s inner happiness and their ability to access constructive motives to be happy, loving, self-regulated and self-caretaking. We believe that every child we work with has the underlying motive and desire to take better care of themselves, to have better relationships and to generally experience greater fulfillment and success.


We help children of all ages from birth through adolescence with:


  • ADHD

  • Trauma/abuse

  • Adoption

  • Anxiety and depression

  • School and peer problems

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Eating disorder

  • Behavioral/discipline problems

  • Family transitions (divorce/death)

  • Chronic medical illness and disabilities

Smart Love's Child & Adolescent Therapy

Natalie & Ben Heineman Smart Love Center

2222 N. Kedzie Blvd.

Chicago, IL 60647

Oak Park Location

1010 Lake Street, Suite 500

Oak Park, IL 60301

Preschool: 773.665.8052 ext. 1

Counseling: 773.665.8052 ext. 4

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