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Parents face an array of challenges throughout their child’s development. The following quick guides offer solutions for some of the most common issues confronting parents today. Written by Smart Love professionals and based on the work of Smart Love’s authors, they provide a wealth of information to help parents use the Smart Love approach in various situations. Simply click on the link in the title to access and download the appropriate guide.


Experts agree that acquiring a genuine inner self-esteem is the most important developmental achievement in a child’s life. Fortunately, there are many ways parents can build on their child’s innate potential for positive self-esteem.

All Ages

Discipline Redefined

Smart Love’s approach to managing children’s behavior is based on an understanding of the underlying meaning of a specific behavior. Unlike other forms of discipline, it preserves the parent-child relationship and helps children learn how to make healthy choices for themselves.


Bullying and social aggression create a climate of disrespect and fear in schools and elsewhere that creates barriers to learning. Parents need to know the best way to respond if their child is bullied by another or is bullying others.

Electronic and Social Media

While there are many benefits to electronic and social media, there are also pitfalls. Smart Love offers a helpful perspective to guide parents as they consider ways to regulate their children’s electronic media use.

Infants & Babies

Sweet Dreams for Baby & You

One of the challenges parents face is helping their newborn baby learn to sleep through the night. Smart Love’s unique perspective can be applied to this developmental achievement, resulting in better sleep for baby and family.


Sibling Rivalry

Conflicts between siblings is a common concern in many families. Using the principles of Smart Love, parents can help their children choose constructive pleasure over conflict and significantly improve their relationships with each other and with their parents.

Toddlers, Transitions & Tears - Oh My!

Transitions can be tricky for toddlers and parents alike. A toddler’s new sense of independence can leave parents feeling confused, frustrated and impatient. Applying the principles of Smart Love can help parents understand how children experience transitions and help their kids move from one activity to another in a peaceful and timely manner.

Sharing for Toddlers: It Comes Naturally

All parents want to raise children to grow up to be generous and caring adults. However, forcing children to share before they are old enough to choose it on their own causes resentment and teaches coercion as a model for making others do as you want. Smart Love offers ways to navigate this stage of your child’s development until she is ready to share with others.


Bad Dreams

Children often feel helpless and afraid of bedtime when they have bad dreams. Smart Love offers techniques to help a child with their bad dreams so they can feel empowered to help themselves.


Take the Hassle Out of Homework

Many children struggle with homework, which can cause parents to feel frustrated and confused about how best to help them. Smart Love offers ways to avoid power struggles over homework with your child.

Teens are People Too

Building a positive, close relationship with your teen is the foundation for their happiness and success. The deep inner well-being that this creates helps your teen make good choices for themselves in all aspects of life because it feels good.

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