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During this webinar Smart Love therapists answer parents' questions about behavior, development, and offer tips on how to respond in a manner that strengthens their relationship with their teen. They discuss how to engage with teens so they are more inclined to open up to you; when and how to step in when your teen needs help, guidance, or regulation; how to respond when your teen seems irritated, frustrated, or angry; and more.

School-Aged Children


During this webinar It Takes A Village staff answer parents' questions about behavior and development, and offer tips on how to respond in a manner that strengthens the relationship between parents and their school-aged child. We discuss screen time, anxieties surrounding school, friendships, and more.

Toddlers & Preschoolers


Learn about toddler and preschooler behavior and development as Smart Love therapists answer parent questions and offer tips on how to respond in a manner that strengthens your relationship with your child.

Back-to-School: What children need to succeed


It Takes A Village staff members discuss children's experiences returning to school - how it can feel to have new routines, new friends, new teachers, and everything in between. They provide valuable insight into how parents can best support their children to help them have a successful year.

GIMME PURPLE ELMO!! And Other Temper Tantrums


Toddlerhood is notoriously known as a time of conflict and stress, but it doesn’t have to be. Many parents sometimes struggle to know how to manage their toddlers’ behaviors and emotional outbursts. Unfortunately, many parenting approaches out there inadvertently strengthen the emotions that drive the tantrum behaviors, perpetuating a vicious cycle of bigger and bigger tantrums. But if parents can learn a different way to respond to their toddlers when emotions begin to get out of control – they can see a dramatic change. With time and a heavy dose of patience, parents can turn the tantrum tide.

I Have Feelings Too


Smart Love's 'It Takes A Village' therapists provide perspective, ideas, and insight into strengthening your connection with your child and help them feel heard.

College Decisions


Many teenagers are exploring and evaluating what is next for them after high school. For many, this will include determining what colleges to apply to and where to enroll. This session will provide parents a framework on how to help their children figure out which path is the right one for them, what questions they should consider when choosing a college, and how to support them during the application process.

Gender Identity


With experts from Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago's Gender Development Team we provide insight into Gender Diversity, terminology, and definitions, and how parents can best support their child and move forward positively.

BREAKING NEWS: How Families Can Cope with Traumatic News in the Media and in Their Communities


This webinar provides an overview of how traumatic news, such as hearing about COVID, violence, and terrorism, can affect you and your children and teens.

Another Pandemic School Year


At this webinar, Smart Love therapeutic staff provide insight into how parents can evaluate how their children are adjusting back to school. They discuss how parents can help children with the transition and provide tips to keep in mind as children navigate another complicated year and learn how to cope with challenging emotions when experiencing losses.

Kids & Technology


The challenges of balancing children’s needs and wants when it comes to technology/electronic devices has become all the more intense as so many kids have grown so dependent on using them for everything from everyday schoolwork to keeping connected to friends, in addition to their social media and recreational uses. This session provides strategies for parents to manage their children’s uses of technology in ways that ensure their safety and wise use while promoting family trust and sustaining healthy relationships.

Helping Seniors - Keeping Seniors Connected


Many older adults are feeling more isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Smart Love offers ways to help build resilient relationships between seniors and their families to strengthen their connections. During this webinar we explore what each group needs and wants from each other and how to use creative ways to be involved. Panelists discuss how to foster intergenerational communications, reinforce relationships, and sustain the sense and meaning of family, even when physically distanced.

Raising Children Not to Hate


Building a happier, healthier, and more equitable world requires us to sustain and nurture every child’s innate desire to love that is fundamentally color-blind and inclusive. Smart Love therapists provide perspectives and guidance in fostering a consciousness of equity, countering system racism and racist structures, and encouraging children to focus on one another’s intrinsic worth.

Distant Celebrations


Learn how to balance children's desires and demands with family needs and realities in a holiday season under unprecedented conditions. Panel discusses tips and ideas for avoiding conflict and managing expectations.

Preparing for a School Year Like No Other


In this excellent webinar our panelists discuss school during a pandemic and provide parents with rich insight, perspective, and advice on how to best support their children during a school year that is unlike any other.

Your Mental Health During COVID-19: Ask an Expert


Watch Smart Love therapists Dr. Carla Beatrici and Dr. Michael Zakalik answer questions and discuss the psychological effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2 Year-Old Tantrum in Public


What can I do when my 2 year-old is having a full blown tantrum at the store when he can't get what he wants?

How to Support Children's Happiness in School?


Gain insight into how children's happiness affects their learning and school life and what parents can do to help support their child's happiness at school.

3 Year-Old Hitting Baby Brother


Our daughter is 3 years old and is hitting her baby brother who is one year old. We put her in time out, but it's not working, and in fact she seems to be getting worse and acting more aggressively towards her brother. We are also getting increasingly frustrated with her behavior. What can we do?



Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D., co-author with her late husband William J. Pieper, M.D., of Smart Love™, is one of the country’s top parenting and child psychology experts. She has conducted clinical research and been in private practice treating children, adolescents and adults, counseling parents, and supervising other mental health professionals.


Below are videos of seminars the Piepers have presented.


Helpful Responses to Children’s Dreams and Fantasy Play: Is your child struggling with bad dreams? Afraid of monsters? Watch Dr. Pieper's video and learn how to best help your child.


 In this video, Dr. Pieper explains the Smart Love approach to parenting and how it is designed for the long-term health of your child. You’ll learn how the responses we suggest for parents to adopt will benefit your child not only while she is at home with you, but throughout adulthood.

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