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We offer numerous ways for educators, caregivers, and health professionals to advance their understanding of the Smart Love theory and knowledge of the Smart Love approach for use in their professions.



Smart Love Family Services offers professional development programs in the Smart Love approach for teachers and agency personnel who work with children. We also offer continuing education credits for Early Intervention and our training meets continuing education requirements for daycare workers and providers through the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. For more information, please email us at


Smart Love Family Services has been offering high-quality clinical training and support to students from various clinical programs for the past ten years. Our training is available at the following levels:



  • Post-Doctoral Psychology Fellowships

  • Pre-Doctoral Internships

  • Pre-doctoral Training Overview

  • Advanced Psychology Externships



Master's Degree Internships


The training experience at Smart Love Family Services includes the following opportunities:

  • Provide outpatient psychodynamic counseling to individuals of all ages, with a specialized focus on conducting child and adolescent therapy

  • Learn and provide parent guidance and parent seminars using Smart Love principles

  • Provide social skills group therapy for children

  • Conduct neuropsychological and psychological testing with children and adolescents (Psychology students only)

  • Participate in the intake team conducting comprehensive intake assessments

  • Receive extensive, quality supervision and support from experienced licensed mental health professionals

  • Receive group consultation with the author of Intrapsychic Humanism

  • Opportunities to learn and participate in marketing and community programs

  • Learn about research and program fund development


Trainees with an interest in learning a new approach, Intrapsychic Humanism (IH), and conducting treatment from a humanistic and/or psychodynamic theoretical approach are preferred. IH is a depth psychology that integrates psychodynamic, humanistic, and strength-based philosophies. Trainees with openness to receiving feedback and good organizational skills will be the best fit for a training experience at Smart Love Family Services. Previous clinical training and/or experience working with children and adolescents in some capacity and relevant graduate academic coursework in child and adolescent development and treatment is preferred.


For more information about current training opportunities and how to apply, please contact Dr. Carla Beatrici, Director of Clinical Services at or 773-665-8052, ext. 200.

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