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Rainbow Mosaics!

Go on a scavenger hunt inside magazines, catalogs, or old mail and create beautiful mosaics!

To begin this exploration create different shapes on one piece of paper. I chose to trace 6 circles on my paper (using a tin can), but the possibilities are endless. You and your playschooler could choose to draw a variety of shapes and designs. I wanted to create a rainbow design too!

After you have an outline for your design, it is time for your toddler to decide what colors they would like to incorporate. I labeled my circles with a different colored “X” in each. That way it’s easy to remember what color to place in each circle. It could also feel fun to create the design in different colors as a guide, just as I did for the rainbow.

Next we are able to explore how fun it can feel to go “searching” for different colors! You and your toddler could look through old magazines, mail, or newspapers to look for the specific colors in your design. Once you find what you are looking for, tear out that color. Using a glue stick, you can begin to adhere the torn pieces to the corresponding colors on your paper design. It’s easiest to use the glue stick on the big piece of paper and then press the torn pieces down to adhere them to the design on the paper.

This project is also a great opportunity to explore size. It could feel fun to tear the paper into tiny pieces or bigger pieces and then compare. If you don’t have many old magazines to use, construction paper is just as fun to tear and glue! Have fun!

I wonder...

I wonder statements are a great way to introduce concepts to children, stimulate their curiosity while modeling the pleasure of learning, and embrace ideas in a fun and unpressured way!

    I wonder what shape we should use? Should we use a circle? A heart? A triangle?
    I wonder what colors you'd like to search for?
    I wonder how many colors we have?
    I wonder what sounds we hear when we rip the paper?

Project Supplies

Construction paper (various colors)
Old magazines, flyers, or newspapers
Glue stick

Project Gallery

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