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Builder's Extravaganza!

Get your hard hats on and build some beautiful buildings with this super fun activity filled with lots of tools to help build your dream home (room, building, or tower)!

This is a building extravaganza! Your little architect will prepare blueprints and design buildings in this fun activity! Get creative with the kinds of materials to use for your building (building ideas are included in the gallery), decide the size, color, and shape of your building, plan and draw it out in the provided worksheets! We decided to use cups to create our buildings, but if you don't have cups at home, there are lots of different building materials you could use.

Look at some of Chicago's famous architecture in the gallery for some inspiration, then use the graph paper provided to draw what you are thinking of building. Then get creative and have some fun!

I wonder...

I wonder statements are a great way to introduce concepts to children, stimulate their curiosity while modeling the pleasure of learning, and embrace ideas in a fun and unpressured way!

    I wonder what building materials you will use?
    I wonder how many cups, blocks, boxes you will use?
    I wonder how high your tower is? Is it taller than you?
    I wonder if you can make a pattern with different colors?

Project Supplies

Yardsticks or tape measure
Your imagination!

Project Gallery

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