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Let's Go Fly A Kite!

Create, design, and fly your own kite (inside or outside)!

To create your kite draw a diamond shape on paper and cut out. Preschoolers love to trace so you could also create a diamond template using recycled cardboard. Next invite your preschooler to decorate their kite using markers, crayons or colored pencils. Cut the sticks to fit the length and width of the kite and twist the twist tie around them to hold them together. Use tape, another preschooler favorite, to attach the sticks to the kite. Tape one end of the yarn to the empty toilet paper roll and wind a bunch around it. Tie the other end of the yarn to the middle of the sticks on the kite. Now your kite is ready to fly! You can fly your kite inside or outside.

You can also use chalk to draw a kite outside or on paper!

Enjoy! And remember, no pressure - have fun with it and tap into what makes it fun for your family!

I wonder...

I wonder statements are a great way to introduce concepts to children, stimulate their curiosity while modeling the pleasure of learning, and embrace ideas in a fun and unpressured way!

    I wonder what you need to make your kite fly?
    I wonder where wind comes from?
    I wonder if you can create your own wind?
    I wonder what happens when you blow on the kite you drew with chalk?
    I wonder how many kites you can draw?
    I wonder what colors there are?

Project Supplies

Straws, wooden skewers, or sticks collected from outside
Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
Yarn, string, or ribbon
Toilet paper roll
Twist tie or pipe cleaner

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