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Marbled Shaving Cream Art!

Get creative and explore color in this super fun activity! (Be sure to have lots of towels!)

Experimenting with shaving cream is always a fun sensory experience! By adding some color to the medium, it only expands exploration!

First, spread the shaving cream in a baking sheet or pan. Whatever you have available to make a flat surface works! Before adding color you and your toddler can explore the shaving cream by touching it, making impressions, and spreading it evenly throughout the space. To do this you could use a spatula, but using your hands could also feel fun!

Next, drop food coloring or paint onto the surface of the shaving cream. You and your toddler can start with one color, and then add more to see what happens! Next, using your fingers or utensil swirl designs into your shaving cream. Not only will it be interesting to see the colors move through the shaving cream into different patterns, but this could also be an opportunity to see different colors mix together to create new colors!

If you would like to create a print, lay a piece of paper down on top of the shaving cream mixture and pat it gently so all of the paper is covered on the underside with shaving cream. Gently lift the top paper off and lay it down with the shaving cream side up. Then, scrape the shaving cream off the print paper and let the paper dry. This can be done over and over again as the design in your shaving cream changes.

Enjoy! And remember, no pressure - have fun with it and tap into what makes it fun for your family!

I wonder...

I wonder statements are a great way to introduce concepts to children, stimulate their curiosity while modeling the pleasure of learning, and embrace ideas in a fun and unpressured way!

    I wonder what this feels like?
    I wonder if it is soft or hard?
    I wonder what colors we will see?
    I wonder what patterns we will see?

Project Supplies

Shaving cream
Food coloring or paint
Paper (white works best to see all the colors!)
Baking sheet or pan

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