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Royalty for a day!

It’s time for some royal treatment! Let's get creative and have a ball!

To begin, your toddler gets to choose the color of their crown by picking out a piece of construction paper. If you only have white paper, that is okay too! Regardless, there will be plenty of opportunity to decorate the paper with many different colors. Because I needed my crown to be a little bigger, I taped two pieces of pink paper together.

Now it is time to create the crown outline. The crown could have similarly sized zig-zags, tall triangles, or a wavy top. It is completely up to your child! They may want to draw the outline themselves, or they may need a little help. One option could be tracing an outline that you drew for them. Once your outline is complete, cut out the crown.

Now the decorating can begin! The possibilities are endless when it comes to making the crown just how you like! Your toddler could color different designs using markers or crayons. This could also be a great time to bring out stickers, paint, print pictures from your computer, personalize with own picture or other decorative items (pom poms, gems). Whatever you have is wonderful!

Once the decorating is over, it is time to get the crown ready for wearing! Quickly make sure the crown will be the right size for your playschooler, and then glue or tape the two ends together. I hope you have fun wearing your crowns! This could be a great time for some imaginative play or you could continue to make crowns for everyone in the family!

I wonder...

I wonder statements are a great way to introduce concepts to children, stimulate their curiosity while modeling the pleasure of learning, and embrace ideas in a fun and unpressured way!

    I wonder what colors you will use to decorate your crown?
    I wonder what shapes you will draw?
    I wonder how many jewels/hearts/stars you have on your crown?

Project Supplies

Construction paper (various colors)
Markers or crayons for decorating
Glue stick or tape

Project Gallery

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