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Spaghetti Worm Painting

Think spring and get creative with this fun twist on painting!

With springtime comes flowers and with flowers comes... worms! In honor of these hard working annelids we are going to create fun worm paintings using spaghetti!

The first step to creating the spaghetti worm masterpieces is to cook the spaghetti and let it cool. This will create our "spaghetti worms." Once the spaghetti worms are cooled, I place them into a bowl ready to use them for painting.

Some children enjoy dividing the spaghetti worms up into bowls and then mixing the paint into the bowl. Another way some children enjoy the painting process is by putting paint on a paper plate then dipping the spaghetti worms into the paint and dragging the spaghetti worm onto the paper - either way is super fun!

My first painting I enjoyed just experimenting with the spaghetti worms and the many different ways you can pull it, push it, and stamp it with the paint creating fun abstract "worm" paintings. The next painting I did I wanted to see if I could create different shapes by dragging short piece of spaghetti in the specific directions.

In the gallery below are some worm fun facts and mazes. Enjoy!

I wonder...

I wonder statements are a great way to introduce concepts to children, stimulate their curiosity while modeling the pleasure of learning, and embrace ideas in a fun and unpressured way!

    I wonder what kind of painting you will create?
    I wonder what shape you can create with your spaghetti worm?
    I wonder what happens when you twist the spaghetti on the paper with paint?

Project Supplies

Cooked and cooled spaghetti
- If you don't have any spaghetti on hand you can use a different kind of tubular pasta. Yarn or pipe cleaners work as well!
- I found it rather tempting to keep popping some of the noodles into my mouth before I even started painting! I decided to keep a small bowl of "eating" noodles to the side and whenever I wanted a quick snack I just washed the paint off my fingers before grabbing a yummy bite!
White paper
Paper plates/bowls as a palette
Hand wipes and towels

Project Gallery

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