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Admission Info



June 2024 through July 2024


Thank you for your interest in Smart Love's Summer Camp.  Our admission process is outlined below. We offer two- to five-day camp options depending up on the age of your child. Children must be between 2 and 6-years-old.

  • Attend a Family Tour:

​Tours are virtual and scheduled with our Preschool Director. Please contact the school for tour information and reservations.

  • Submit an Application:

    • Download, complete and submit your application, along with a non-refundable application fee of $85 for summer camp.

  • Required Onsite Parent and Child Play Session:

If your child is comfortable while attending their play session, your enrollment application for summer camp will be accepted. We will then guide you through the process of filling out your tuition payment agreement, paying your deposit/tuition and filling out your enrollment documents, 

  • Complete Tuition Agreement and Submit Deposit

Upon acceptance, sign the tuition agreement and submit your $1,000 (or full-payment if less) non-refundable, registration deposit/tuition to secure your child’s space.  We will then guide you through the process of completing your enrollment documents via our school software.

Please contact us at 773.665.8052, ext. 1 or with any questions or to begin the application process.



The Natalie G. Heineman Smart Love Preschool has established a Scholarship Fund to serve families who meet the eligibility requirements for financial aid. The amount of available funds depends on the charitable contributions we receive from our families and supporters. Please note that you must apply for admission to the school before you can be eligible for financial aid. Please contact the school office if you are interested in financial aid or would like to make a scholarship gift.




Your signed tuition agreement and deposit reserves a space for your child in our summer camp program for the applicable year. We ask that all payments are submitted on time according to your tuition agreement. Application fees, registration deposits and tuition payments are not refundable. We accept personal checks, Visa or MasterCard for payments. Please note that an additional 2.5% will be added for payments made on credit cards to cover fees credit card companies charge to us.




 A $100 late fee will be assessed for payments received by the school office past the due date. A $30 fee is charged for checks returned due to insufficient funds. Restrictions on school attendance may result from parent’s failure to fulfill financial obligations.



Tuition deposit is due February 6, 2024 and balance is due March 20, 2024.

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