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Parent Testimonials

This is what preschool ought to be like! What an amazing, wonderful place. We were refugees from an overly "academic" preschool that was making our son miserable. We were lucky to find a place at Smart Love, and what a difference it has made. Our son loves school and learning so much. The teachers really listen to the students.” 

“My daughter 'graduated' from Smart Love Preschool several years ago and has since entered in a foreign language immersion school - it's quite challenging. While my daughter is a bright little girl, she is by no means "gifted", however, her teachers often comment on her ability to 'bounce-back', stay positive, stay focused, give her best effort and display resiliency. I know it was Smart Love Preschool and the Smart Love Approach that helped her develop these skills."

“If you have been looking for a school for your little one, look no further. I have been to over a dozen preschools in the city and was becoming frustrated at what I was going to do, until I found Smart Love. As a former teacher, my standards were very high and in keeping current with all the research showing importance of early years, I was adamant about finding the perfect place for my children, while at the same time knowing that a school like that can't possible exist. Well, I was wrong, it does exist and the moment I walked into Smart Love, I knew it was the place for my two children.” 

“This past summer, our daughter was enrolled in a park district play camp and started to develop extreme separation anxiety toward the end of the session. It surprised us because she had never once shown us even a glimpse of that during her previous year at Smart Love (both toddler transitions as well as preschool). It was a relief to see that there was no sign of separation anxiety this first week of preschool. This morning as we walked to Smart Love, she turned and said to me and said, “Mommy I missed you and didn’t want you to leave when I went to play camp, but I don’t miss you when I go to Preschool.” It meant a lot to know how comfortable and happy my child is at Smart Love and shows how uniquely effective their approach to children and their development is. Our family really appreciates your caring and nurturing warmth, which we feel sets the tone for the staff and all the children :)”

“Every day we feel so lucky to have found Smart Love Preschool. The teachers are wonderful. They really listen to the students. They are kind and nurturing and pay attention to the children emotionally as well as academically. They educate through play, songs, story-time and make everything fun. They are terrific at instilling the most important thing - a true love of learning. There is a gardener on staff, and the children are involved in planting, tending and harvesting the organic fruits and vegetables, which they also incorporate into their snacks. It's a beautiful, hands-on way to learn about the full life-cycle of plants. I cannot say enough good things about this school. The director is intelligent and committed to hiring and retaining excellent teachers, and it truly shows. The facilities are also the most beautiful I've seen in the city. Smart Love is a true gem!” 

“My daughter attended Toddler Explorations at Smart Love and now attends preschool there 5 days a week as a three-year-old. I have nothing but good things to say about Smart Love. The staff is amazing, the Smart Love philosophy has helped my parenting, and my daughter loves it. I especially like that she could get used to coming to Smart Love through the toddler class, and I could get to know the teachers and staff before school started. The Smart Love approach puts so much of her behavior in context and has made parenting much more enjoyable and effective. I love this school.” 

After Smart Love...

Where are they now?

Smart Love Graduates Are Thriving Across Chicago!

  • Audubon Elementary School

  • Baker Demonstration School

  • Bennett Day School

  • Blaine Elementary School

  • Brentano Elementary School

  • British International School

  • Burley Elementary School

  • Cardinal Bernardin Monstessori Academy

  • Catherine Cook School

  • Chicago City Day School

  • Chicago Waldorf School

  • Coonley Elementary School

  • Walt Disney Magnet Elementary School

  • Drummond Montessori

  • Francis W. Parker School

  • German International School Chicago

  • Goethe Elementary School

  • Greenfields Academy

  • Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

  • Intercultural Montessori Language School

  • Hyde Park Day School

  • LaSalle II Elementary School

  • Latin School of Chicago

  • Lycée Français de Chicago

  • Nettelhorst Elementary School

  • Near North Montessori School

  • Pilgrim Lutheran School

  • Ravenswood Elementary School

  • Rogers Park Montessori

  • Roycemore School

  • Sacred Heart School

  • Skinner North Elementary School

  • St. Andrews School

  • St. Benedict Preparatory School

  • St. Clement School

  • St. John Berchmans School

  • St. Stanislaus Kostka School

  • The Children's School

  • The Frances Xavier Warde School

  • University of Chicago Lab School

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