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Creating A Positive Morning Routine


Tips from Teachers

Insights and Ideas from Smart Love teachers and tutors on how to help your children have a successful school year!

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Sending your child off to school feeling happy and cared for sets them up to have a successful day at school.


The night before, try to organize as much as possible for the morning - pack backpacks, make lunches, choose outfits, etc. This will help to alleviate stress in the morning.


Be sure to allow for enough time in the morning so no one feels rushed.


Offer your relationship for transitions that may feel hard for your child. If you need to wake your child up for school, do so gently and be mindful of what helps them wake up on the right side of the bed. Maybe they like to have a cuddle or listen to their favorite song. Perhaps they like a piggy back ride to the bathroom or for you to be with them while they get dressed.


Preparing your child's favorite breakfast, reading a book together, or simply being present and available to meet your child's emotional needs will help them feel cared for and loved, setting a positive outlook for the rest of their day.


Be mindful of how you engage with your child. Mornings are a time to set a positive tone for the day ahead, so that your child heads into school free from stress and ready to learn and withstand the ups and downs of a school day.

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