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Getting The Best Start To The School Year


Tips from Teachers

Insights and Ideas from Smart Love teachers and tutors on how to help your children have a successful school year!

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A new school year can bring up many different feelings, including excitement, anticipation, and worry. Having a range of emotions is normal for both children and parents. Assure your child that you are there to support them.


In the mornings, make sure you have enough time to address any needs your child may have in order to send them off on the right foot each day. Discuss a morning routine with your child that will help them feel cared for. Maybe your child wants to read together, listen to music, or have your special pancakes for breakfast.


Find ways to remind your child how much you love them, like writing a note and slipping it in their lunchbox, backpack, or notebook. For young children, carrying a transitional object, such as a family photo or small memento, can help them feel connected to home.


After school, find some time every day to be available and listen to your child in the event they want to talk about their school day.


Set up a homework area and establish an afternoon routine. Get your child's thoughts on where and when to do their homework, maybe it's in the kitchen after school or maybe it's next to you as you pay bills. Establishing a time and place to do school work every day can help reduce conflict around completing homework. But be sure to offer flexibility, patience and understanding if your child is tired or frustrated.


Enough sleep is very important for a successful school year. Establish a happy and healthy bedtime routine like reading a book together, letting your child draw or journal, or helping them get ready for the next day of school.


Remember to be as flexible as possible as you and your child adjust to the new school year. It's okay to make adjustments to the routine based on your child's needs or how they are feeling.

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