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  • neurodiverse affirming therapy

Our services are designed to help children and adolescents who have symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders feel happier, have better relationships and succeed in reaching their full potential in school and in life. You can read about the effectiveness of our approach here.

We provide an array of services that address the unique needs of each child and her parent(s). 


About the Smart Love Therapeutic Approach

Smart Love Family Services uses an evidence-informed approach called Inner Humanism (IH). Our highly skilled therapists can help children and adolescents increase their own healthy motives to be happier and develop age-appropriate social, emotional and cognitive skills. Because of the chronic nature and sometimes severe symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Smart Love has a long-term commitment to helping children fully reach meaningful treatment goals and sustain progress.


Services for Children and Adolescents

  • Individual Psychotherapy: Aims to help children build self-confidence, enjoy relationships with peers and adults, regulate behavior and improve mood.

  • Consultation with Teachers and Other Professionals: Can assist professionals to more effectively meet the specific needs of the child.


Support for Parents

  • Parent Coaching: Provides insight into your child’s behavior and offers advice, strategies and responses for your child.

  • Parent Counseling: Like Parent Coaching, Parent Counseling provides insight into child behavior and parenting advice, but also provides emotional support surrounding parents’ concerns for their family.

  • Parent Support Groups: Offers emotional support and welcomes parents to share their experiences with other parents. Groups are facilitated by a Smart Love professional.

  • Parenting Seminars: Offers educational information on a range of child development and parenting topics. Please click here for a list of Smart Love’s seminar topics and registration information.

  • Individual Therapy: Aims to provide parents with an opportunity to address personal concerns and enhance inner well-being.

  • Parent Advocate: Parent Advocate: addresses parents’ questions and concerns, and facilitates participation in parent programs and services.

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