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Inside everyone is an essential desire to create and live a life of fulfillment and happiness.

Smart Love Family Services recognizes this basic human desire and our mission is to help people increase their inner well-being and build healthy relationships. We do this through our counseling services, early childhood education, assessments and tutoring, and parent/community resources programs that are based on the well-established and recognized Smart Loveprinciples.

Smart Love Family Services remains committed to helping create a truly just society where every person has a chance to live a long, safe, and fulfilling life. ​Creating a future that is free from racism and all kinds of hate begins with how we treat our children today. Children grow into open-minded, patient, caring, and loving adults through the relationship they experience with their parents and caregivers. When parents offer kindness, acceptance, and love even when children display mad, angry, or other unhappy behaviors, children will grow up to show that same kindness, acceptance and love towards others.  Smart Love’s programs are designed to help create that future for the children of today and the children of tomorrow. In the sa
me way, Smart Love’s services for adults are intended to help them reclaim and sustain their birthright to happiness.

What We Offer

Counseling Services
We offer a full range of services, including child, adolescent, and adult therapy, play therapy, couples and family therapy, parent coaching and counseling, psychological and neurological testing, treatment for autism spectrum disorder, and child and adolescent group therapy.

Early Childhood Education Programs
We offer toddler, preschool, and kindergarten programs in addition to summer camp, all based on the Smart Love approach to early childhood education.

Assessments & Tutoring
We offer programs designed to support children and adolescents with learning challenges and their families. Our services include therapeutic tutoring, psychoeducational evaluations, teacher consultations, and parent guidance.

Parenting & Community Resources
We offer a range of support for parents and the community, including peer support groups, seminars, webinars, videos, hand-outs and publications.

Professional Development
We offer a range of programs for schools, organizations and students to advance their knowledge of the Smart Love philosophy and approach, including workshops, internships and training.

We offer a range of publications for those interested in learning more about how to apply the Smart Love principles in their own lives and families.

Smart Love Family Services offers a number of ways to help families access our programs and services that they cannot otherwise afford. We offer fee waivers and reductions, scholarship assistance and sliding fee scales based on need. Please contact us at 773.665.8052 ext. 4 or to learn more.

The Fund for Smart Love
Your financial investment in Smart Love directly funds our work to build healthier, happier families and ensure bright futures for their children. 

Gifts, sponsorships, and grants from individuals, companies, and foundations enable Smart Love to provide our uniquely supportive care and guidance to every family that comes to us - particularly those experiencing financial hardship.

Through Your Child's Eyes


Smart Love's Blog: To learn more about Smart Love and our take on issues, trends and questions in child development and parenting, please visit our blog here.

News & Events

News & Events

It Takes A Village - Parent Group & Youth Group  

Click here for full schedule.

Smart Love offers biweekly free-of-charge Parent and Youth Groups for families with children of color.  Led by Smart Love therapists, the program provides a safe, confidential, and supportive space for participants to learn and share with one another. Click here to learn more and to register.

Batter Up for Smart Love!

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Join us for a 16" Softball Tournament at Humboldt Park Baseball and Softball Fields!  We have both a competitive division and a co-rec division (glove optional) with each team playing 2 games minimum. All funds raised will support Smart Love Family Services' mission to help children, families, and parents in the Chicagoland area achieve greater inner well-being, sustain closer relationships, and build happier, healthier lives. Come out, play ball, and support a great cause! Register Here


The Happiest Preschool featured on NPR's Here & Now!

On March 21, 2024, Dr. Martha Heineman Pieper was interviewed by Deepa Fernandes of NPR's Here & Now to discuss toddler development, early childhood education, and The Happiest Preschool

The Happiest Preschool with Dr. Martha Heineman Pieper
Lauren Joyce Hensel

Introducing Smart Love's New President

Lauren Joyce Hensel

Announcing Lauren Joyce Hensel as the newly appointed President of Smart Love Family Services. Lauren comes with extensive experience in managing not-for-profit organizations and a passion and commitment to helping children and families. With her leadership, we're excited to bring the Smart Love approach to more within our community. Learn more about Lauren here.

Chicago Parent articles featuring Smart Love Preschool

Smart Love Preschool

In an interview with Chicago Parent, Smart Love Preschool Teacher Maddy Perez shared insights on assisting young children with overwhelming emotions and provided practical tips for parents to implement at home! Read it here.

Understanding Children’s Play: Wisdom from a Preschool Teacher

Smart Love Preschool

Chicago Parent interviewed our Karen Hermach, Preschool Teacher, on how play can be a window into your child’s world and can help you decode what your preschooler may be thinking and feeling. Read it here

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The Happiest Preschool
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