Our Mission


Our mission is to help children, parents, and families achieve greater inner well-being, sustain closer relationships, and build happier, healthier lives.  We do this by providing counseling, early childhood education, diagnostic assessments, therapeutic tutoring, and parenting and community support programs.


Founded in 2002, Smart Love is a nonprofit organization that provides services based on the Smart Love® principles.  Federal EIN: 32-0025293.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Everyone in our country has a part in making change happen. Those who've benefitted can use the power they have to push for a more equitable system. Those who are suffering can continue to voice their concerns, and everyone must continue to listen and learn from each other. Smart Love Family Services remains committed to helping create a truly just society where every person has a chance to live a long, safe, and fulfilling life.

Creating a future that is free from racism and hate of all kinds begins with how we treat our children today.  Children grow into open-minded, patient, caring, and loving adults through the relationship they experience with their parents and caregivers.   When parents offer kindness, acceptance, and love even when children display mad, angry, or other unhappy behaviors, children will grow up to show that same kindness, acceptance and love towards others.  Smart Love’s programs are designed to help create that future for the children of today and the children of tomorrow.


Our Funders and Sponsors


Smart Love thanks these funders and event sponsors whose support makes our work possible.

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