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Parent and Youth Groups

Smart Love Family Services offers a free-of-charge year-long program of Support Groups for the parents and children of minority families in the greater Oak Park area. Both minority and non-minority parents of minority children are welcome to share in this great resource to better understand and manage children’s behavior and emotions and help them be more successful at school, home, and life overall.

Parents and youth come to the Groups to gain ideas, knowledge and encouragement in dealing with issues such as:

• Encouraging a healthy, positive sense of self and identity in the context of a dominant culture
• Developing positive communications and problem-solving skills
• Managing “the homework struggle”
• Reinforcing the making of good choices
• Maintaining a positive attitude toward school
• Dealing with siblings, peer pressure, stress and homework
• Establishing parental expectations and setting boundaries
• Building healthy and happy relationships with family and friends

Smart Love’s dedicated professionals lead the Group meetings, and provide a safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment for parents to share their experiences, strengths and hopes. Participants are encouraged to learn from one another and Smart Love staff, whether they simply come, sit and listen—or to actively participate in discussions and connect with their peers.

Register here on our Parent Seminar Page.

Parent Coaching

Smart Love Family Services offers free-of-charge Parent Coaching sessions for Oak Park-resident parents of minority children to receive 1:1 support for their essential role in raising their children and ensuring their children’s long-time happiness as parents and guardians.

Guided by the latest child development research and Smart Love’s long track-record in supporting parents at all levels, Parent Coaching provides a safe and confidential place for parents to express their hopes and feelings and receive support, insights and tips for general parenting concerns and challenges as well as how to navigate specific child or parent-child issues. Depending on each parent’s individual questions and needs, the coaching sessions will cover topics such as:

  • Encouraging a healthy, positive sense of self and identity in the context of a dominant culture

  • Coping with the impacts that structural and inter-personal racism have on their children’s lives

  • Developing positive communications and problem-solving skills

  • Establishing parental expectations and setting boundaries, and much more

Non-minority parents of blended families are also encouraged to benefit from this Parent Coaching, which takes a culturally sensitive approach to raising minority children in non-minority families.


For more information about the program or to register for your own sessions, please call or email:

Dr. Felicia M. Owens, Psy.D., LPC

773.665.8052, ext. 227 |


Parent and Youth Group Sessions and Parent Coaching take place at our conveniently located Oak Park office.

Smart Love Family Services

1010 Lake Street, Suite 500

Oak Park, IL 60304


Free childcare is available for children ages 5 and under—children over 6 and teens are welcome to participate in the youth group sessions.

Food/refreshments provided.

Major support for the Minority Family Program comes from the Community Mental Health Board of Oak Park Township.

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Community Health Care Report


To view the Community Mental Health Report click here.

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