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Their future awaits

For many students and families, postsecondary planning can feel like a maze. With an exorbitant amount of options and considerations, students can feel overwhelmed and anxious. Smart Love Futures is designed to help students navigate the complexities of postsecondary planning, so that they can feel good about their choices and look towards their next chapter with enthusiasm and optimism. 

Our integrated program blends postsecondary guidance counseling with Smart Love's positive, relationship-based therapeutic approach. This unique and effective model cultivates a consultant-student relationship that is built on trust and understanding, helping students to open up and feel comfortable exploring their path. From this relationship, our counselors provide thoughtful expert advice and create a personalized success plan that builds upon a student's strengths and desires. In addition we work with parents and guardians offering techniques to use at home to further support their student through this process. 


Recognizing that some students may require extra mental health or academic support, we ensure priority access to both our mental health and learning services. This commitment guarantees that students receive holistic support, addressing their diverse needs.

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Our Consultants

Our consultants are certified licensed clinical professional counselors, licensed social workers, and doctorates of psychology. They are well-versed in postsecondary pathways for students who need mental health, academic and learning, and/or emotional support.


Lauren Joyce Hensel, MPA

Laura Bently.jpg

Laura Bentley, LCPC


Bill Pasola, Psy.D. 

_MG_0282Kari Terrill.jpg

Kari Terril, Psy.D.


Olivia Tinati, M.A., LCPC

Alison Pildner.jpg

Alison Pildner

Our President, Lauren Joyce Hensel, is a Professional Member of both the Independent Education Consultants Association (IECA), International ACAC, and sitting for her Certified Education Planner exam. Her professional affiliations ensure that Smart Love follows the highest ethical principles of good practice and positions students at the center of our approach. All of our consultants demonstrate the highest standards in education, training, ethics, and experience. 

We provide all families a free 30-minute consultation to assess our fit as partners in the student’s educational journey. 

In this post-pandemic world, we offer in person, virtual, and hybrid options to maintain flexible support for students and their families.

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Postsecondary Facts

  • Postsecondary counseling fees are often less than 3% of a four-year college bill

  • Students who work with an IECA member are 3.5 times more likely to attend private college and are 3 times more likely to attend an out-of-state college

  • In public high schools, there is a ratio of 408:1 student to counselor (American School  Counselor Association)

  • 26% of high-achieving seniors hire an IEC in their college search & application process  

  • Consultants spend annually about 20% of their time visiting postsecondary institutions to ensure best-fits for all students

  • 75% of U.S. high school and middle school students expressed boredom, anger, sadness, fear, or stress while in school

  • In 1992, high school students submitted an average of three college applications; in 2022, that number increased to seven college applications

  • In 2022, about 35% of students took a non-traditional pathway. With the help of consultants, students can expand on their aspirations both traditionally and non-traditionally. 

  • 15-43% of students who report a disability don't receive accommodations from their school. At Smart Love Futures, we can help students successfully prepare for the accommodations process and ensure they have the right paperwork and documentation necessary to ensure they have the right support at college. 

  • Students with disabilities achieve a bachelors degree at half the rate of students without disabilities. With support from Smart Love Futures, we can work with students and their families to find best fit postsecondary pathways to ensure success and happiness in college. 

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As a nonprofit organization, we believe in making a meaningful impact on our communities. That's why we allocate 10% of every service fee to a scholarship fund. This fund enables us to extend assistance to students and families who may face financial constraints but require our support. By choosing Smart Love Futures, you not only invest in your future but also contribute to a community-driven initiative focused on enhancing happiness and success.

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