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Therapeutic Tutoring combines high-quality, academic tutoring with a supportive, therapeutic approach to create an effective and comprehensive solution for children who struggle with learning and achieving within the classroom.


Therapeutic Tutoring is a solution for students who are having difficulty learning and achieving their full potential in school. It’s especially effective for children and adolescents who want to:

  • Build organizational and planning skills

  • Decrease avoidance and reduce anxiety

  • Have better follow through and complete assignments and projects on-time

  • Improve attention and concentration

  • Access innate strengths

  • Increase motivation at school and improve grades

  • Navigate depression or anxiety about school and in the classroom

  • Understand and cope with emotional and/or social stress that is affecting school performance

  • Find learning strategies for managing ADHD or learning disabilities like dyslexia, dyscalculia, or dysgraphia


At Smart Love Family Services, your child will work one-on-one with a highly-trained academic tutor with experience in education and knowledge of children’s social and emotional development. Our tutors build trusting relationships and encourage students to share their experiences. Tutors validate students’ feelings when emotions like anxiety, frustration, boredom, or helplessness arise. In this way students begin to process their emotions and feel understood, allowing them to be more available to focus on their school work, which leads to improved motivation, concentration, and resiliency. Over time students begin to feel happier and more confident, which helps them to reach their full potential in school.


Our new AP & IB Tutoring service is designed to help high school students with the academic rigor and emotional strain of the AP and IB curriculums. Our knowledgeable tutors specialize in courses such as Statistics, Calculus, History, Biology, Chemistry, and English, and are able to provide both academic and emotional support to students. By addressing the pressure that often comes with these demanding curriculums, our approach helps students alleviate stress so they can better focus on their coursework.


Tutors communicate with parents regularly and meet quarterly to provide feedback on their child’s progress. During these parent meetings, tutors work with parents to:

  • Determine academic and emotional goals 

  • Learn how to respond to their child when they are expressing frustrations, lacking motivation, or displaying other emotional responses to homework​ 

  • Encourage a growth mindset by learning to problem solve together with their child 

  • Identify progress being made

  • Support their child’s agency at home 


Tutors can work closely with classroom teachers and specialists to ensure a broad reach of successful interventions. We work with teachers to:

  • Share ideas and strategies

  • Increase insight and awareness

  • Assist with planning for new school years and/or semesters


Starting as low as $280 per month! Package pricing and per session pricing also available.

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