Summer Camp

Our summer camp program embodies the joys of summer. Both Preschool and Playschool will experience our play-based curriculum both indoors and outside. Some of the adventures we will have are:


  • Discovering Dinosaurs

  • Under the Sea

  • Safari Adventures

  • Incredible Insects

  • Fantastic Farmers

  • Budding Architects

  • Cool Chefs

  • Marvelous Maestros


Children also learn about nature in our beautiful garden, greenhouse and fenced yard. As part of our garden program, they have a seed-to-table experience by planting seeds; watering and caring for fruits, vegetables, and herbs; watching plants grow; and then harvesting them. 

Natalie & Ben Heineman Smart Love Center

2222 N. Kedzie Blvd.

Chicago, IL 60647

Oak Park Location

1010 Lake Street, Suite 500

Oak Park, IL 60301

Preschool: 773.665.8052 ext. 1

Counseling: 773.665.8052 ext. 4

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