At Smart Love, we combine our play-based curriculum with our robust understanding of human development. Our experiences with children show us that this is the most joyful and effective way to create eager and enthusiastic learners. The following is what makes the Smart Love approach so unique and effective:



Smart Love’s approach to early childhood education is guided by the well-established and endorsed Smart Love principles. At its heart, these principles promote an understanding of a child’s mind and emotions at every stage of development and helps parents and teachers use this understanding to foster every child's love of learning and potential. Smart Love teachers are trained in this approach and apply it in their classrooms. This teaching style is widely regarded as a mark of a quality early childhood education.

(See What Kids Need From Grown-Ups (But Aren’t Getting) by Cory Turner, NPR, February 9, 2016 and The New Preschool Is Crushing Kids, by Erika Christakis, The Atlantic, January/February 2016.)


Learning through play is widely considered the best way for young children to learn about the world around them and others. Smart Love’s child-focused approach allows for active, guided play. This type of play helps foster a love of learning that can last throughout life. (See All Work and No Play, by Esther Entin, The Atlantic, October 12, 2011.)



Smart Love fosters children’s social and emotional development by encouraging positive relationships. This begins with their relationship with their teachers, which then fosters positive relationships with each other. These relationships create a feeling of security and safety that helps children gradually and successfully adjust to school life.


Smart Love teachers are extensively trained to ensure children’s emotional and social well-being while fostering their enthusiasm for learning. Each day our goal is to combine our unique curriculum and approach to learning to foster young children’s long-term academic success.

"Every child deserves a preschool where each day they love going!  Emotional and social well-being is the portal for their happiness and learning potential. At Smart Love, this is our highest priority."

-Kelly Perez, Smart Love Preschool Director

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